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Signature Facial

An essential addition to any skincare regimen. We'll begin with a double cleanse and follow with a skin analysis. Using an enzyme mask, we'll exfoliate the skin and follow with any necessary extractions. To soothe the skin, a calming mask will be applied and we'll close with some toner and SPF. The perfect facial for those who want a simple, yet effective clean. 

(50 min) $99

Diamond Peel with Ultrasound Facial Therapy

A calming experience; similar to our microdermabrasion facial we'll begin with a deep cleanse and analyze your skin. After, we'll prepare for microdermabrasion with a marine-based exfoliant and some steam. Following micro we'll apply a calming mask and use ultrasound facial therapy to penetrate deep into the skin. We'll finish with toner, moisturizer, and SPF.

(60 min) $150

Age Defying Antioxidant Facial

Recapture youthful looking skin with a vitamin c peel, enhanced with retinol. Fight off free radicals with a custom firming masked, infused with ten beneficial antioxidants that will give your skin the protection it needs. 

(60 min) $175

Microdermabrasion Facial

Microdermabrasion truly is the secret ingredient for every beautiful face. We'll begin with a double cleanse and take a moment to discuss your skin goals. After a marine-based exfoliating mask we'll perform any necessary extractions and move into microdermabrasion. After micro, we'll soothe the skin with a calming mask and massage. Lastly, we'll apply moisturizer and SPF.

(60 min) $150

Acne Correction Facial

A necessary addition to your skincare routine if you suffer from stubborn breakouts or acne. Our acne correction facial includes a salicylic acid peel for gentle exfoliation and we'll follow with a custom clay mask to draw out toxins. We'll close with high oscillating current treatment to sanitize and stimulate the skin. 

(60 min) $150

Pigment Balancing Facial

A specialized treatment designed for those that have been affected by the sun and time. This facial includes a prescription-strength vitamin A enzyme peel, a deep product penetration using galvanic current, and a natural lightening serum.

(60 min) $150



LED Light


Glycolic Peel

Purifying Cucumber


Pumpkin Mask

Collagen Firming


High Frequency

Ultrasonic Facil Therapy

24 Karat Gold Mask

Ultra Hydrating


Cranberry Mask

Blemish Control


Peels $50

Masks $30

Machine Boosts $30

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